Mix N Click Storage System

The Mix N Click Storage System is the second storage container system we have tested.  While the Smart Spin is functional in that you can spin the rack to save space, the Mix N Click Storage System has bigger lids so you can keep oversized food items fresh for a long time.  The “obtuse” shape of the Mix N Click Storage System allows for greater capacity, and the “snap-n-store” technology enhances the clicking sound so you know when the lid is on tight.  Here is what you get with your Mix N Click order:

  • 20 two cup containers
  • 10 four cup containers
  • 8 eight cup containers
  • 2 bonus twelve cup containers

Its a steal of a deal at just $19.95 plus shipping so get yours today by clicking here.

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Home Marketplace Over The Door Closet Rack

The Home Market Over The Door Closet Rack is the perfect solution to your closet-space saving needs.  If you have suits or jackets that just dont fit in your closet, just store it outside!  The closet rack is 19″ long and extends 10″ from the door so you dont have to worry about wrinkles.

Order the closet rack by clicking here.

The Home Marketplace (Miles Kimball Company)

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Shoes Under Review

Keeps shoes protected from dust, moisture & bugs
Holds up to 12 pairs of shoes
Clear, zipper see-through cover
Sturdy nylon handle
No more closet clutter

Save Space with Shoes Under

The Shoes Under is an “under the bed” storage solution for all your shoes.  The Shoes Under stores up to 12 pairs of shoes, and frees up an enormous amount of space in your closet.

Shoes Under:

  • Keeps shoes protected from dust, moisture & bugs
  • Holds up to 12 pairs of shoes
  • Clear, zipper see-through cover
  • Sturdy nylon handle
  • No more closet clutter

The Shoes Under is now available as a buy one get one free for $10 plus s&h.  With your order, you get 2 storage systems, enough to hold 24 pairs of shoes!  With all that extra space, just think of what you can store!

Order Shoes Under Now

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Smart Spin


The Smart Spin Storage System allows you to “slide, spin and store” your lids and containers.  The Smart Spin is one of the best space saving kitchen storage devices because it saves space while still letting you save food.  The storage system is perfect for drawers, cabinets, shelves and counter tops and works for:

  • Organizing Meals
  • Storing Leftovers
  • Packing Lunches
  • Saving Cabinet Space

Smart Spin Storage System is available as a buy one get one free for $19.99 plus s&h.  WIth your order, you get 2 smart spins (revolving storage units), 48 containers and 48 lids.

For more information on the Smart Spin, or to your order your buy one get one free set, click here.

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Steam Buddy Review

My experience with the Steam Buddy has been excellent thus far.  I started using it a little more than a month ago while on a trip and its portability is a life saver!  I was able to conveniently pack my Steam Buddy in carry on luggage (I was not going to check it as they charge an arm and a leg now for checked baggage!).

The Steam Buddy is:

  • Safe on sequins, rhinestone, and beads
  • Tough enough for linens and safe enough for silk
  • Can be used on Drapes & Sheers, Tablecloths & Bedding, Cloth Shower Curtains
  • Remove odors, Refresh & Deodorize
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Great for Travel

The Best Space Savers Steam Buddy Review gives the product an 8/10 stars, for its highly functional yet portable design.

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Steam Buddy Portable Steamer

As promised, the newest addition to the Best Space Savers blog is the Steam Buddy.

The Steam Buddy is a great space saving product because it is a hand held steamer for cloths, drapes and more.  It is the safest way to remove wrinkles, and has the power of a dry cleaner!  The Steam Buddy is the worlds most convenient multi-use steamer, and I will be giving it a try and posting my Steam Buddy review for everyone to see.

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More Space Saving Products to Come!

Saving space not only works at home, but it is crucial on the road as well!  Having just got back from a road trip, I know the benefits of saving space and packing effectively.  The Space Bag helped out tremendously, as did the Steam Buddy, a portable steamer that you can take with and steam press your clothes!  I will write a full review on the Steam Buddy within the week.  Time to finish unpacking, have a great day!

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Touch N Brush- “Touch” Your Way to More Space

I don”t know about you, but my bathroom had A LOT of unnecessary things on the countertops and in the drawers. The Touch N Brush easily took care of this problem by freeing up drawer space and mounting the automatic dispenser on the wall! It reduces clutter, saves time on cleaning up excess, messy toothpaste, and has a comforting design that can match with any decor.

After first seeing the commercial, my first question was “Does the Touch N Brush work”? I asked around and a couple of friend had purchased the Touch N Brush and had great reviews on it. Since it was only $19.99, I decided to give it a try.

I received my Touch N Brush a couple of weeks ago and noticed it came in handy, and the kids love it. It really is as easy as 1-2-3!


I will be sure to post more about the Touch N Brush at a later time, but for now, try it yourself!

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Space Bag- Space Saving Is In The Name!

The name says it all- the Space Bag storage system is a set of bags that store and compress everyday items such as clothes, blankets, jackets and more. The 7 bag “starter set” comes with 1 jumbo cube, 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 extra bonus bags. We purchased the Space Bag storage system for $19.95 plus shipping, and have been impressed with not only its space saving capabilities, but its value as well.

Ideally, the Space Bag system is best for storing seasonal clothes and blankets, but we had success in using the bonus hanging bag for everyday tops and jackets. The bags are REALLY big and can fit a lot in them, but the best part is each bag connects to a vacuum and is easily compressed, saving even MORE space!

Overall, the Space Bags turned out to be a great investment and helped us save a lot of space. After all, isn’t that what we’re here for?

Click here to order the Space Bag

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Why We All Need The Best Space Savers

messy room
Let’s face it- space is precious!  We are constantly thinking about ways to save space- when we are cleaning, when we are buying new things, and even when we eat – to save space for dessert!

With all these new space saving products on the market, we have decided to put them to the test. Each week, we will review a new space saving product and let you know what we think of it. If you’ve tried it, let us know too! After all, we don’t want any rooms in our house looking cluttered like this!

Stay tuned for more space saving products and tips!

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